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ADL seeks forced integration policies.

Anti-Defamation Leagueby Kyle Rogers

“We firmly believe that school voucher programs are unconstitutional,” – Glen A. Tobias, ADL National Chairman, and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

You may remember the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] for their months long attack on Mel Gibson for making the historic movie Passion of the Christ, or for being an aggressive supporter of the recent Senate Amnesty Bill. Here are some things you may not know.

The ADL filed an amicus brief (friend of the court) in the Supreme Court on behalf of those who wanted to ban prayer in school. The ADL has described their contribution to the efforts to ban prayer in school as one of their greatest accomplishments. They also filed on behalf of forced integration in Brown v The Board of Education.

Recently the ADL also filed an amicus brief on behalf of two school districts who sought to implement even more draconian forced busing/integration projects in their school districts. Fortunately the Supreme Court ruled on the side of sanity this time. However the ADL has shown it’s true colors once again for all to see. The ADL wants public schools to be allowed to conduct social experiments with your children, and they want to hurt private schools so you have no alternative but to submit your children.

The American Jewish Committee also backed the school’s forced integration projects. The Jerusalem Education Fund, a not for profit organization dedicated to Jewish Education, wants to know why some American Jewish organizations have taken positions on public education issues that are so self-destructive.

Jerusalem Education Fund…

Every Jewish organization concerned with the fate of American Judaism laments the current trend in assimilation. Almost all of these same groups, however, oppose the most obvious solution: school choice with vouchers. If these Jewish organizations would take a serious look at the school choice option, they would stop bewailing the future of American Jewry and be well on track to fulfilling their own goals.

The Jerusalem Education Fund points that parental freedom to choose what school their children attend is essential to the preserving the cultural and ethnic integrity of one’s children. Something that is in complete agreement with the CofCC Statement of Principals. Forced busing, forced integration, and anti-private school policies are detrimental to preserving a unique Jewish identity in the Jewish community.

Why is the ADL so bent on using our public school system for social experimentation when the very people they are supposed to represent are also hurt by it. This is why Rabbi Daniel Lapin, of Towards Tradition, calls ADL director Abe Foxman “our own worst enemy.” Because the ADL is not only a powerful destructive force in American society, since they are the most well known Jewish organization in the public eye, they create a public perceptions that a large majority of Jews are part of the far left.