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Affirmative Action Quota Cop.

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Canton, Ohio newspaper prints bombshell. Canton police officials admit that Cutts Jr. was an under qualified quota hire, but say they won’t end policy.

From the Canton Repository

The police officer accused of killing his girlfriend and her unborn child was given consideration to be hired on the city force because he was black, according to the civil service director, police chief and city records.

Bobby L. Cutts Jr. scored 70th out of 98 applicants who passed the civil service exam for police officer in March 2000. Cutts, however, was interviewed and ultimately hired over about 40 other candidates, the vast majority of whom were white men. The reason is a city law that required black candidates be considered if less than roughly 18 percent of the police force was black, said Samuel Sliman, civil service director.

“It gets you skipped up (the eligibility list) in consideration,” said Police Chief Dean McKimm. “It brings you to the forefront of other candidates who actually scored higher than you; whether you think it’s fair or not, that’s the net effect of the (city) ordinance.”

Cutts, 30, of Plain Township, is accused of killing Jessie M. Davis, 26, in her Lake Township duplex June 14, according to court papers. Cutts is charged with two counts of murder, including the death of Davis’ unborn baby girl, which Davis’ family members contend Cutts fathered. Davis was 9 months pregnant and due July 3.

Racially motivated reinstatement. Cutts was fired from the police department for serious misconduct in 2003. His lawyer cried RACISM, and he was reinstated with back pay!

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So Cutts Jr. is hired as a cop despite being unqualified because he’s black, reinstated with back pay after serious misconduct because he’s black, then allegedly kills his pregnant girlfriend. Are we ready to admit that affirmative action and political correctness are ruining our police departments?