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CofCC Conference Was A Blast!

Jared TaylorEveryone had an amazing time at the two day CofCC National Conference in Greenville, SC. Some of the most famous right-wing personalities in the country, including a few living legends who have been active since the 1950’s & 60’s, piled into our luxurious 2500+ square foot conference ballroom.

Several speakers spoke on the destructive capacity of multi-culturalism and diversity. During our Saturday lunch buffet, a television hanging from the wall was broadcasting the news. It was announced that Afro-Carribean immigrants, including a former Guyana Parliament member, were caught plotting to kill thousands in New York City.

Nothing could have done more to prove how right our speakers, and the message of the Council of Conservative Citizens, are.

We will be posting more pictures, as well as audio and video of the speakers in the near future.