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Forced integration under fire.

A victory for Freedom over Fascism.

Draconian forced integration projects in Louisville, Seattle, and possibly hundreds of other schools districts, that use children for social experimentation, will need to be revised under a new Supreme Court Ruling.

International Herald Tribune…

In a decision of sweeping importance to educators, parents and schoolchildren across the United States, the Supreme Court on Thursday sharply limited the ability of school districts to manage the racial makeup of the student bodies in their schools.

The court voted, 5 to 4, to reject diversity plans from Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky, declaring that the districts had failed to meet “their heavy burden” of justifying “the extreme means they have chosen – discriminating among individual students based on race by relying upon racial classifications in making school assignments.”

The decision Thursday, one of the most important in years on the issue of race and education, may not eliminate race as a factor in assigning students to different schools. But it will surely prompt many districts to revise programs they already have in place, or go back to the drawing boards in designing plans.

The majority’s rationale relied in part on the historic 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education that outlawed segregation in public schools – a factor that the dissenters on the court found to be a cruel irony, and which they objected to in emotional terms.

Notice the terms used in the article above. The five conservative Judges argued using past rulings, whereas the four liberals (including ultra leftists Ginsburg and Breyer) used “emotional” arguments. How often to do you see a liberal try to debate a conservative purely on “emotional” grounds?