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Hate crime in Colorado.

border patrol capHispanic men open fire into crowded convenient store after arguing with a legal immigrant from Germany who wore a baseball cap that read “US Border Patrol.” The actual shooting took place after the man with the baseball cap went home. It appears the Hispanics simply wanted to retaliate by killing any white person they could hit. This story mirrors a recent incident in North Carolina when Hispanic men became enraged and began shooting into a crowded Waffle House full of white patrons.

Vail Daily…

Five shots were fired at the counter of a 7-Eleven from outside the store at about 11:10 p.m., Tuesday, police said.

No one was hit but Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda said the clerk and the four or so customers — which included a family with a child — could have been killed or seriously injured.

Police want to question two Hispanic men who argued with a clerk at the convenience store at about 9:30 p.m., Ikeda said.

The men left the store, hung around outside for a short time, then departed.

The clerk the men argued with was off duty and had gone home by the time of the shooting.

Police have images of the two men from video surveillance cameras at the store, Ikeda said.

The clerk, Bruno Kirchenwitz, said the two men were angry about a hat he often wears to work. The baseball cap says, “U.S. Border Patrol.” He said he didn’t have the hat on at the time they approached him.