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How do they stand on Immigration?

How do the presidential candidates stand on Immigration? Well, Americans for Better Immigration rates them.

Among the candidates who have served on a federal level and have a history of voting on immigration issues, candidates received the following scores based on their votes cast during their most recent term in either the US House or US Senate. Candidates not listed have not served on the federal record and do not have a history of voting on immigration issues.

Tom Tancredo A
Duncan Hunter A-
Ron Paul B+
Joe Biden D
Sam Brownback D
Barack Obama D
Hillary Clinton D
John Edwards D
Christopher Dodd D
Dennis Kucinich D
John McCain D-
Bill Richardson F- [not served on Federal level since 97′]

Notes: US Reps Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter co-introduced the enforcement only immigration bill which passed the US House in 2006. Sen. John McCain co-introduced the “McKennedy” amnesty bill which passed the US Senate in 2006. Sen. Sam Brownback co-sponsored the “McKennedy” amnesty bill. Democratic candidates Sen. Clinton, Sen. Edwards, Sen. Biden, and Sen. Dodd all voted for the Senate Amnesty bill. Rep Kucinich voted against the House enforcement only bill, while Rep. Ron Paul voted for it.