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Illegal alien rapes/paralyzes 8 month old.

A criminal alien from Mexico raped an 8 month old girl leaving her severely injured and paralyzed. Lawyers for the defendant argue that police violated the Vienna Convention of 1963 during the arrest.

Clayton News Daily…

The defendant, Eligio Chia-Duran. Chia-Duran, wore a black headset, during the proceedings, and listened to his lawyer’s arguments through a translator. Wearing a red, Clayton County Jail jumpsuit, he occasionally looked over his shoulder to glance at the two Forest Park Police Department detectives who arrested him the day after Christmas.

Chia-Duran. Chia-Duran, a native of Mexico, is accused of molesting an 8-month-old girl. When the girl was brought to Southern Regional Medical Center, on Dec. 25, she had 30 bruises on her body, her ribs, vertebrae and skull were fractured, leaving her paralyzed. She had blood in her diaper, her brain was bleeding, and physical evidence suggested she had been molested.

Turner said about 100 pages of single-spaced medical records, verified by more than five doctors, is “unrefutable” evidence against Chia-Duran. Chia-Duran faces a possible maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.

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According to a congressional report from US Congressman Steve King R-IA, Illegal aliens sexually assault eight children per day in the United States.