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Justice for OJ?

Black Athlete Sports Network publishes article crying foul over Nifong disbarment. Wants LAPD prosecuted over OJ Simpson. Also doesn’t want Duke lacrosse players, dubbed “Dukes of Hazzard,” to be let off the hook. Claims Duke Lacrosse players “degrade black women in their spare time.” The article is written by a Syracuse University professor.

In the aftermath, the Duke boys are hailed as American heroes. O.J., on the other hand, has not been allowed to make a living, can’t eat in many public restaurants, and has become the most hated man in America.

Nicole Brown Simpson was not portrayed as a gold-digging cocaine addict. She was portrayed as a beautiful, innocent angelic figure victimized by a brutishly abusive husband.

The woman in the Duke trial was portrayed as a ghetto hoochie slut with no future, taking advantage of clean cut college students.What’s the difference here?

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