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Kennedy's shameless scare tactic.

From the News Team

Immigrants will become terrorists if not amnestied says Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Ted Kennedy also insinuated that there are no Islamic terrorists in India. Apparently Ted Kennedy never watches the news. India has fought five wars against Islam in the past 50 years and has a major Islamic domestic terrorism problem.

Gordon Baum, Esq. CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens responded to Ted Kennedy’s comments today. “Immigrants in the United States are isolating themselves. The more we bring in the more they will be isolated from the rest of America.” When asked about Kennedy’s claim of an inclusive India, Baum responded “that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard a United States Senator say. India’s internal conflict with Islam is more severe than any current internal conflict in the US.”

From AP…

U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy said Monday that failing to pass immigration reforms would push illegal immigrants into isolation and create breeding grounds for homegrown terrorists.

Kennedy pointed to several European countries where he said alienation and immigration problems has led to terrorist acts.

“Why is it that virtually no Muslims in India are members of al-Qaida. Has anybody asked that question?,” Kennedy asked. “It’s because they all feel they’re included.”

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