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"Killer King."

Political correctness and egalitarianism in California health care leads to deaths from patient neglect.

Martin Luther King Jr Hospital, dubbed “Killer King” by locals for it’s 3rd world care, kept open because supervisors feared being branded “racists.” State may revoke license.

From LA Times…

The newspaper also found that the medical center was protected by a Board of Supervisors that ducked responsibility for making changes in part because members were afraid of being branded racist.

Since 2004, the supervisors and the county health department have tried various reforms: closing the hospital’s busy trauma center to take pressure off the hospital; spending more than $20 million on outside consultants; disciplining hundreds of staffers; and, most recently, slashing services and putting the medical center under the oversight of Harbor-UCLA, a sister public hospital with a better reputation.

As the possibility of shutting down King-Harbor has grown more likely in recent weeks, other hospitals in the area have scrambled to gauge how their already overburdened emergency rooms might respond.

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