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Major victories in Europe

Announcement from Kyle Rogers

Socialists and their allied parties in France and Belgium see huge loses in Sunday, June 10th elections for Federal Parliaments in both countries. Major positive changes on the horizon as both countries swing to the right.

Belgium PM to resign after conservatives make big gains in general elections.

In Flanders the far-right Vlaams Belang received over 19% of the vote, their best showing ever in a Federal election. The conservative Christian Democrats of Flanders took 30% of the Flemish vote, on a campaign that shares many issues with the Vlaams Belang. Several CofCC leaders met members of the Vlaams Belang leadership recently in Washington DC. Vlaams Belang is the largest party in the Flemish regional parliament holding 26% of the seats.

Conservatives win first round in French election.

Sarkozy’s Popular Party is poised to take a large majority of seats in the French parliament. The party has seen an incredible surge in popularity following announcements by Sarkozy to deport illegal aliens in France and crack down on immigrant crime. Sarkozy’s popularity has been achieved by absorbing much of the far-right vote in France. A recent poll shows that 88% of Front National supporters also support the Popular Party.