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Multiculturalism comes to Ireland.

CofCC News Team

A few years ago, Ireland still had the highest white birthrate in Europe and was almost 100% white. That is dramatically changing. Legalized abortion has caused the birthrate to drop and 3rd world immigration is changing the face of Ireland.

Now Ireland has it’s first black mayor. An asylum seeker from Nigeria who arrived only seven years ago. Jointly elected by Fine Gael and Sinn Fienn. Fine Gael is Irelands “progessive-moderates” and ironically means “Tribe of the Irish.” Fine Gael holds 31% of the seats in Irish parliament.

Sinn Fienn meaning “we ourselves” identifies itself as “democratic socialist,” however their representatives in the EU are part of the United Left grouping which includes the Communist parties of Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, and others. Sinn Fienn holds less than 3% of the seats in Irish Parliament and 26% of Northern Ireland Assembly. Sinn Fienn has greatly increased it’s share of the Northern Ireland Assembly since the Good Friday Accords of 1998, when Sinn Fienn held only 16%.