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NAACP closing down 40% of it's operation.

Announcement from Kyle Rogers

For the past two years, I have been reporting that shortly after the census announced Hispanics were the new largest minority, corporate donations to Hispanic groups skyrocketed and corporate donations to the NAACP plummeted.

The NAACP, which has over 100 paid employees, has been running on a multi-million dollar budget deficit for the past two years. Now the NAACP is forced to dramatically reduce their costs. They are letting 40% of their workforce go and are closing 7 regional headquarters.

I have been expecting this for a while, and it has actually come much sooner than I thought. What is surprising is that no one wants to admit that millions of dollars that once went to the NAACP are now going to Hispanic racial groups like National Council of the Race.  Has the Hispanic racial lobby become so powerful that even the Negro racial lobby is afraid to speak against it?

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