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National media hides details in hate crime. News Team

At the Austin, Texas Juneteenth festival a man was beaten to death in the middle of the street only 100 yards from his home. He had been a passenger in a car that bumped a small child as the driver struggled to maneuver around hundreds of people who had spilled into the street.

Juneteenth is sometimes called the “African American 4th of July,” and all the attackers were black. The victim was a 40 year old Hispanic. The driver of the vehicle got away from would-be attackers and fled on foot.

Several days after the fact, the national media has mentioned the story including blurbs  on CNN and FOX News. However, both CNN and FOX News completely omitted the fact that the killing took place at a Juneteenth Festival and all the attackers were black. Why?

Recently the LA Times publicly admitted online that they with hold the race of crime perpetrators so as not to “stigmatize” any one group. One is forced to speculate that CNN and FOX News have similar policies.

This example of media self-censorship is particularly disturbing because the violent perpetrators are still on the loose. How are vigilant citizens supposed to assist law enforcement if they are kept in the dark?

Violent crimes, rioting, beatings, shootings, and stabbings also occurred at other Juneteenth festivals around the country.