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National News reinforces CofCC message.

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The truth shall set you free according to the Gospel of John. Well in the case of the Council the truth has been our most powerful weapon. Much as the SPLC and others try to discredit us, our message gets out without us even having to speak or open our mouths. The past month and a half is a main case in point. Beginning just prior to the 2007 CofCC conference in Greenville, SC there was the plot to murder American soldiers by illegal alien Muslims. While the 2007 Conference was taking place another plot was uncovered to blow up JFK airport. Juneteenth festivals across the country were marked by violence, assaults, and even murder in Texas. This past week has also seen the tragic murder of Jessie Davis, 9 months pregnant, by her black boyfriend. The media’s own sense of following a sensationalist storyline has proved our point. While they ignored the Knoxville horror, they can’t help but continue to follow the story of the murder of Miss Davis now that the killer has been apprehended.

Sadly the truth is not enough for our cause and the cause of America. While the truth is obvious, what to do is another story. That’s where the Council of Conservative Citizens comes in. Unlike faux conservatives in the Republican Party and George Bush we don’t push for amnesty, we fight it with every fiber in our being. Contrary to what Mr. Bush might say, we are doing whats right for America by fighting and God willing halting the invasion from the Third World. There is no other group like us, just look for yourself. No other group has organized larger protests against illegal immigration. Our NC Chapter was demonstrating in the late 90’s while both national parties tried to ignore the invasion. We’re fighters and we can get the job done with your help and God willing. Forty years ago George Wallace was campaigning under the slogan “Stand Up for America.” Well here we are Standing Up For America and we won’t ever stop. Write to P.O. Box 221683 St. Louis, MO 63122 or call 636-940-8474. God Bless you all and Deo Vindice.