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Online Tribute to Sam Francis

Shots FiredThe late Dr. Sam Francis was the former editor of the Citizens Informer, a member of the CofCC Board of Directors, and author of the CofCC Statement of Principles.

Un-Killing Whitey: The Achievement of Sam Francis…

Other authors’ obituaries have given numerous details of Francis’s background, idiom, outlook, and philosophical influences. Further details occur in this book’s shrewd accompanying tributes by Patrick Buchanan, Joseph Sobran, and Peter Gemma. Suffice it here to cite Francis’s lifelong love of English history -– seventeenth-century English history above all –- and literature: a love very different from the bemused ignorance so frequent among Francis’s compatriots, who all too often share the misconception lamented by Alistair Cooke, that almost every educated Englishman is “an eighth earl accustomed to whipping the peasants.” There was in Francis a quasi-Cromwellian contempt for genteel, debauched poseurs (the Prince Ruperts of our time), though also a most un-Cromwellian concision and breadth of scholarship.

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