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Racial Politics in New York City

New Brief by Kyle Rogers

Viola Plummer, self-described “extremely intelligent black woman,” made a public threat to assassinate a Leroy Comrie, a black council member from Queens recently featured on the Daily Show. A serious threat considering Plummer’s connections to violent organizations and the fact that in 2003 a New York City council member was assassinated.

Plummer is Chief of Staff to Charles Barron, a Brooklyn Council member. Plummer is a black militant who was arrested in the 1980’s for stockpiling weapons and conspiracy. She was part of the New Afrikan Freedom Fighters. She currently leads a pro-Mugabe organization, supporting the ruthless dictator of Zimbabwe.

Her boss, Charles Barron, says he supports her and is considering giving her a raise after questioned about the comments. Charles Barron is seeking to name a NYC street after a notorious black militant and convicted kidnapper. When a news crew asked Viola Plummer about her comments, she repeated that she was an “intelligent black woman” twice.

Black activists and the American Communist Party have rushed to Plummer’s aid.

“If it takes an assassination of his ass, he will not be Borough President of borough in which I live.” – Viola Plummer “Extremely Intelligent Black Woman”

Communist Party Defends Viola Plummer.

New York Jewish Press decries “double standard.”

New York Sun: Plummer leads Pro-Mugabe group.

Queens Tribune: Plummers Violent Past