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Racially motivated attacks in Jena, LA. News Team

Charges were dramatically reduced against the ringleader of one of two racially motived group assaults on two different white high school students in Jena, Louisiana. For months leftwing newspapers, such as the Washington Post, have distorted and editorialized the story into a racist conspiracy against the attackers and accusing the victims themselves of “racism.” Far left websites on the internet have printed claims that the entire town of Jena is a “racist city.” In what has been dubbed, “escalating racial tension,” all acts of violence have been against white victims by blacks.

From the AP June 25…

Attempted murder and conspiracy charges against a black high school student accused in the December beating of a white student amid escalating racial tensions were reduced Monday to less serious charges that could mean far less prison time if he is convicted.

Mychale Bell still faces trial Tuesday on charges stemming from the Dec. 4 beating. But instead of sentences totalling 80 years, he now faces maximum sentences totalling just over 22 years if convicted.

Bell was one of five black Jena High School students charged in the beating.