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Residents fight off home invaders.

gun ownerWhen three armed black males stormed a house, beating and robbing it’s inhabitants, residents fought back. One of the attackers is dead, the other two on the run with one of them presumed to be severely injured.

The story and thousands more demonstrate how innocent lives are saved everyday by responsible use of firearms. According to the Florida Sentinel this is the third time in a week that fighting back saved innocent people from violent criminals in Orange County. Florida’s generous firearm laws have save a multitude of innocent lives.

The showdown is the third time this week that intended victims fought back against their attackers in Orange County.

Sunday morning, a man drew his concealed 9 mm pistol, but did not fire, to escape a confrontation with two shotgun-wielding assailants on the east side of Kirkman Road, across the street from the MetroWest neighborhood.

Early Tuesday, a man grabbed for and eventually wrested away the .40-caliber handgun that a carjacker used to hold him up. The gun discharged during the struggle, but no one was hurt.

In the case of the home invasion, armed thugs attacked residents and began herding them into a bathroom. One resident was punched in the eye with brass knuckles requiring six stitches. He stabbed his attacker in the chest with a pocket knife. When the attackers began shooting, a resident shot back with his own gun killing one of the thugs. Read Article.

Police in Orange County also arrested four black young adults for home invasion who were robbing illegal aliens. Read Article.

Not so lucky. Two more suspects are being sought by police in for the home invasion and shooting of a Hispanic man execution style in Orange County. Read Article.