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Senate to America: Go to @#$%

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

This latest vote by the Senate is the height of betrayal by our so called elected officials. Despite weeks of the American people giving our obvious, overwhelming, and unchanging opinion that we don’t want amnesty, the US Senate has decided that we need to live in a Third World country. That dull roar you hear isn’t your mind playing tricks on you, it’s the rest of Latin America on the way here now. George Bush has by his actions created a situation far more dangerous then anything we ever knew before September 11, 2001. Benedict Arnold could take notes from the US Senate with only Judas Iscariot surpassing the depths of this treason and betrayal. Benedict Arnold tried to give away West Point to the British which would’ve killed the young Republic in the cradle. Today our leaders, our president, and our Fortune 500 CEO’s seek to give away the entire country lock, stock, and barell.

Our country has never faced peril like this since the early days of our Republic. The invasion has seen Los Angeles and most of New Mexico overrun. Texas and Arizona will not be far behind. Mexico has in 20 years almost taken back all that they lost to President Polk and Winfield Scott. If this amnesty bill passes then we as a people will have to remember well those words evoked on the 4th of July so long ago. They are giving away our jobs to the Communist Chinese and Mexico. The government seeks to outlaw men of God from preaching His word with “hate crimes” legislation. Ask yourself this, is this government a government of the people anymore? Is this government a protector of our liberties or a destructor? I wager friends that we know tyranny more surely then our Forefathers did. They were man enough to stop the tyranny before it cost them everything.

Friends this treason by the Senate will cost us everything. Our homes, our land, our jobs, our schools, EVERYTHING. Given Latin America’s glorious experiments in self government that last only as long as it takes some revolutionaries to gather enough AK47’s, it is only logical that America’s new majority will treat us as they treat each other. I know treason is a heavy word and I don’t use it lightly. But this government has betrayed it’s basic obligations outlined in the Constitution. It no longer protects our Life, our Liberty, or our Property as John Locke said all just government should.

There are enough good people left in government, and enough who know that we will flay them at the voting booths next November to possibly save our Republic. This is not something to lie down over. If you are content to have your children and grandchildren wake up in a majority Hispanic country with all that such a future entails, then sit this one out. But for you who are reading this that love this Republic as our Founder’s wanted and meant for it to be then fight this. Fight it with your words, fight it with your wallets, fight it with every legal and just tool you have in your arsenal to keep this from passing. The hour is late and the light is fading. But we can beat this amnesty and remind this regime that We the People made this government and we intend to keep it as we would have it. God Bless.