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Shameless left-wing tactics.

CofCC News Team

Whites, blacks, and mestizos rally together for a secure border in LA County. Far left suggests that the “KKK” is behind the rally.

Despite every poll showing that a majority of Americans want illegal immigration stopped, the leftist media would have you believe all secure border advocates are racist thugs.

Diversity magazine asks “Was the KKK Behind Ugly Anti-Immigrant Rally?” The title of the article suggests that activists for a secure border are associated with the KKK then offers absolutely no evidence for this claim whatsoever.

Diversity magazine even concedes that police had to cut the demonstration short for fear that the activists would be attacked by illegal immigrants and their supporters. Whenever violence has occurred at demonstrations against illegal immigration in Southern California, illegal aliens or their leftist supporters are always the perpetrators.

Below is actual video of the rally.

[youtube 5bYYwVPaSis]

Watch the video and then read the Diversity Magazine article for yourself. In that order. You will be shocked.