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The dam is bursting.

Even the ultra far-left LA Times has found a reason to oppose the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty bill. The LA Times points out that open borders means corporations can hand pick the most desirable non-white employees from immigrant populations leaving native born black Americans in the dust.

LA Times…

However, the proposed immigration legislation represents an alternative means of recruitment to the top positions in the labor market. And it may be a very tempting one from the point of view of some policymakers and perhaps many U.S. taxpayers. Rather than having to invest in the often deplorable schools attended by home-grown minorities — disadvantaged African Americans and the children of immigrants from Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia — the U.S. could simply attract the cream of the talent from other countries, individuals whose educations have been paid for by their home societies.

It’s true that many of these immigrants also will be nonwhite — the racial diversity at the top of American society seems certain to increase either way. But failing to exploit the impending opportunity to reduce our racial cleavages will leave a huge native population to continue to suffer from blocked opportunities.

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