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Tragedy of Anglo-Saxon self-hatred.

WorldNetDaily publishes fascinating editorial by Tristan Emmanuel.

Multiculturalism destroys the cultural integrity of a free and democratic society, and that is why the Bush immigration policy is bad news. Unfortunately, liberals would prefer to call people names rather than deal with the facts.

Take, for example, the current immigration debate. The choice of language we use in this situation is interesting. The technical term for people who have come into America without the proper paperwork is “illegal aliens.” It’s a powerful designation.

The notion of an “alien,” aside from the slightly weird connotation about being from outer space, manages to convey that people are not really “at home” in the country where they’re aliens. That’s why they’re “aliens.” They’re “strangers,” in the old King James Bible usage of that word.

But the more powerful word in that phrase is the word “illegal.” They are strangers who are, by their very presence in the country, breaking the law. Nothing could be simpler, more descriptive or more to the point – or more politically incorrect as far as liberals are concerned.

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