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Tucker Carlson and the SPLC

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In light of the Rutland Herald article on “unvalidated” SPLC claims, I thought I would mention how Tucker Carlson completely destroyed Mark Potok in a debate on MSNBC.

Last year the SPLC made outlandish claims that 1,000’s of “neo-nazi gang members” were employed in the US military. Tucker Carlson challenged Mark Potok on the air to give him one single example from the past ten years. Mark Potok could not, and MSNBC later used the segment for a Tucker Carlson commercial in which Mark Potok is shown with the words “Exposing Hogwash” across his face.

In the latest issue of the SPLC intelligence report the SPLC tries to revive the claim. They present as evidence a young kkk member who told a judge at a sentencing hearing that he was joining the army. The 21 apparently was in court for assaulting a member of a rival kkk group and may have sought enrollment in the Army to get leniency from the court. Prosecutor Winebrenner, stated during the hearing that the Arm would “straighten him out.”

Hardly the mass army of neo-nazi gang members the SPLC describes. No word from the SPLC on black or Hispanic current and former gang members in the US Army. Something which has actually been documented by real journalists.

Read The Transcript of Tucker Carlson and Mark Potok.