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Victory on Two Fronts!!

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

June 28, 2007 is a day to be remembered as the day the American people’s voices finally were heard over the money counting and nefarious conniving on Capitol Hill. Thanks to the efforts of all the people who made the calls, wrote the letters, and people getting the message out as happens every week night on the Political Cesspool, amnesty is defeated. By a 46-53 vote the Senate failed to pass cloture. This second defeat in a month means that it is next to impossible to revive the bill before the 2008 presidential election. King George II’s last chance to legalize Mexico’s invasion has seemingly passed. Whether this is but a temporary setback to the erosion of American sovereignty and nationality or the turning point remains to be seen. Yet all of those who participated, indeed every member of this proud organization has reason to celebrate tonight.

But wait, the good news isn’t over. In a 5-4 decision the US Supreme Court struck down the practice of school districts using race to determine school assignment. A victory for common sense on the Supreme Court has been hard to find since Brown v. Board of Education but today’s victory is such a triumph. Such a ruling may open the door for striking down the illegal and unconstitutional busing of our children from here to there to over yonder in the name of diversity. May God be praised for this victory and that in the US Senate today.

It goes without saying that both decisions are a triumph for the Council of Conservative Citizens. The Council has been at the forefront of fighting illegal immigration and holding the largest public rallies in the country to protest the Third World invasion. Our members have made the calls, sacrificed the time, and made their voices known in this America’s greatest challenge to survive. If you wish to be a part of this fight, then join the Council today and be a part of fighting the insanity of multiculturalism and political correctness in all it’s forms. To all who made the triumph in the Senate today possible, the personal thanks of this proud American. You have acted in the interest of what Dr. Joseph Warren, one of the first revolutionaries against the British, said was the life and happiness of millions yet unborn. They are without knowing it now grateful. Let’s keep our charge to them and as members of the Council, Stand up for America.