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Why is the left obsessed with Hispanic immigration?

The Hispanic Vote by Kyle Rogers.

We’ve been telling you this for years. Ultra-leftists like Kennedy see immigrants from Latin America as a voting block for the left wing. A June 28th USA article says Hispanics will vote Democrat by a higher percentage ever in 2008. Actually, Hispanics have always voted Democrat by a huge majority and claims that 40% of Hispanics voted for Bush are not supported by election data. American Renaissance and the CofCC have reported on the greatly exaggerated “Republican Hispanic vote” numerous times.

USA Today claims Hispanics are leaving the Republican party because Republicans didn’t support the Senate Amnesty Bill. This is nonsense. Just look at todays vote. 12 Republicans voted in favor of the Amnesty Bill, while 15 Democrats voted against it. So the results were mixed along party lines. The Bush administration aggressively supported the Amnesty Bill and the only co-sponsored who kept his name on the bill with Ted Kennedy until the end was Republican Arlen Specter.

Republicans are not losing Hispanics votes. Republicans are causing their conservative base to punish them by staying home and not voting. Just look at Michigan in 2006. Virtually no Republican would publicly support a ballot initiative to ban affirmative action in the state government and colleges. The press printed fictional polls saying the measure was doomed. The left sent in millions of dollars from all over the country to oppose it.

Republicans in Michigan sat on their hands and refused to even talk about the initiative. Well guess what. The ban on affirmative action passed with 58%, and Republicans were swept from power. Michigan had the biggest 2006 Democrat upset in the country, transforming Michigan from a strong red state to a strong blue state in one election. Voters passed the ballot initiative by 58%, but punished Republicans by withholding their votes.

That is who the Republicans are losing. Not fictional Hispanic votes that never existed in the first place.

USA Today…

A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll indicates that Hispanics, by nearly 3 to 1, say they’re Democrats or lean that way. Of those, 59 percent support the New York senator over her presidential rivals — her strongest showing among any major demographic group and a huge potential asset for early contests in Nevada, Florida, California and other states with large Hispanic populations.