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1 killed, 4 stabbed in Calgary. News Team

A group of four black men in their twenties moved across Calgary yesterday stabbing people at random. One woman is dead, four others are injured. The deceased woman is off North American Indian decent. Two of the injured victims have been identified by the media as white men. The race of the other two have not been reported. Since nothing was taken from any of the victims, race was most likely the motivation for the stabbings.

The Canadian media is calling the stabbings “bizarre.” However has reported similar rampages by black males in cities across the United States in the past.

Watch this news report by CP24. Despite the fact that these brutal killers are still on the loose and may strike again, CP24 won’t even mention the race of the perpetrators, giving the public nothing to go on. Click Here.

Recently the LA Times publicly omitted on their website that they conceal the race of crime perpetrators. Apparently this heinous policy, which endangers the public at large, is not limited to American media.