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AP paints horrific picture of black community in Palm Beach.

CofCC News Team

This article contains more information about the horrific gang rape and torture of a mother and her 12 year old son by black teenage boys. The victims were Haitians and have apparently been targets of American born black criminals for a while. The AP describes the neighborhood as a 3rd world cesspool of crime. The City Commisioner calls it a “hell hole.” One resident is quoted as saying, “so a lady was raped, big deal.”

From Associated Press…

The woman fled Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with her son seven years ago in search of a better life. With no money, they landed in Dunbar. The two almost instantly became targets for crime, standing out as Haitians among the mostly American-born blacks in the housing project. Her car and the boy’s bicycle were stolen. Their house was ransacked.

On the night of the attack, she was lured outside by a teenager who knocked on the door and said her car had a flat. Nine more teens, their faces shrouded with T-shirts, barged in, she told authorities. They brandished guns and demanded money, then went beyond the imaginable.

“I was so scared,” the woman told WPTV. “Some of them had sex with me twice, some of them had sex with me three times. They’re beating me up. They make me do those things over and over. The man with the big gun, he put the gun inside of me.”

She said that when she was forced to perform oral sex on her own son, she told the boy: “I know you love me, and I love you, too.”