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AP writer can't figure out why rural schools are better than urban ones. News Team

Status of Education in Rural America, by National Center for Education Statistics.

Analysis by Kyle Rogers

A Washington AP reporter struggles to explain why America’s rural schools are better than it’s urban schools without mentioning race.

According to a new report from the National Center for Education Statistics, rural school children significantly outperform urban school children. Students tend to get along with each other better in the rural schools. Teachers in rural schools are more likely to speak favorably of their school even though they are paid less. There is also reportedly more civic engagement between the rural schools with their local community than at urban schools. The report also says that civic engagement is better at rural schools than suburban and performance tends to be equal to suburban schools.

Washington AP reporter Nancy Zuckerbrod tries to explain this without mentioning race, even though the report itself says race is an indicator as to what the performance of a school will be! The report also points out 35% of urban school children are white, 62% of suburban school children are white, and 78% of rural school children are white.

Why is the media self-censoring the most important part of this report! Why doesn’t the media want any open discussion on how race relates to school performance when even the experts report that it is a major indicator of how a school will perform.

I would also like to point out that the part about community civic engagement is extremely relevant. A recently study from Harvard Sociologist Robert Putnam reports that civil engagement goes down when the levels of multiple races goes up. This study on education validates the study from Harvard. The higher the percentage of whites students, the better the students get along and the more the community takes an interest in the school.