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Arizona to crack down on illegals.

Another victory for the grassroots conservatives against corporate money. Arizona’s Democratic Governor defied the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and signed a bill into law which will crack down on employers of illegal aliens in the cortical border state. Last year the Governor vetoed a similar bill at the request of the Chamber of Commerce and several large corporations.

From FoxNews…

A new law signed Monday by Gov. Janet Napolitano created the state crime of hiring illegal immigrants and requires all businesses to verify the employment eligibility of workers through a federal database.

It’s intended to remove the economic incentive for immigrants to sneak across the border and help lessen Arizona’s role as the busiest illegal gateway into the nation.

The Democratic governor said she signed the bill because the federal government has failed to overhaul the country’s broken immigration policies, though she believes the new law contains flaws that should be fixed.

“I signed it, too, out of the realization that the flow of illegal immigration into our state is due to the constant demand of some employers for cheap, undocumented labor,” Napolitano wrote in a letter to lawmakers.