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Arm Yourselves Mentally for the Battles to Come

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The most recent battle over the illegal invasion of the United States maybe over. But as our favorite Massachussetts Senator of Chappaquidick infamy proudly said that they are going to try again, and win next time. The open border advocates may have been stymied but they are just as determined as ever to flood America with Mestizo peoples to destroy Anglo-Saxon culture. Our people are by nature a republican people. We have been ever since our forefathers set foot at Jamestown 400 years ago. Yet the Mestizos who come here have no similar tradition. One just has to look at Mexico, Nicaraugua, Venezuela, ect to know what kind of government they’re used to. The socialist traitors in the left would be more then happy to establish such a government here given the opportunity. Thus we see them bend over backwards to betray this country in a manner that would make the Vichy French and Quisling Norwegians proud.

To win this battle we must be able to knowledgably combat the open border leftists and the neo-con CFR types that run the Republican Party. The Political Cesspool and the Citizen’s Informer are valuable tools in our arsenal and are the bright beacons of truth for those of us battling the illegal invasion and corrosive multiculturalism. Now our friends at have a free offer up on their website. Peter Brimelow’s famous work “Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster” is now available for free PDF download on VDARE. This seminal work on immigration is a key work to reduce the arguments of those who would turn America into a Third World country to tatters. I urge all members to take advantage of this free offer and for those who are just looking at our website with curious eyes, read the book and see if what the Council has been saying all along is nothing but the God’s honest truth. For all of you patriots we pay homage to the souls who from July 1-3 1863 shed their blood at Gettysburg, we shall never forget their sacrifice. And for all of the true patriots out there, have a blessed July 4th as we here at the Council seek to preserve that .for which our ancestors risked it all