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Charlotte, NC mayor stands up for sanity!

pat News Team

Charlotte police conducted a massive sweep rounding up 169 gang members in early July. Mayor Pat McCrory congratulated police with a letter that said, “too many of our youth, primarily African American, are imitating and/or participating in a gangster type of dress, attitude, behavior and action.”

Now the NAACP is demanding an apology. Pat McCrory won’t give them one, stating “my role as mayor is to communicate what I consider to be concerns and in doing so you have to step on some toes.” McCrory also stated “I’m staying with what I said because it’s accurate and we need to find solutions to deal with it.”

According to the Charlotte Observer, Pat McCrory is receiving a lot of support on the newspaper’s website.

Readers wrote in to to say the NAACP needed to stop looking for apologies and start teaching black youth how to dress and behave in public. One writer said he felt bad for the black community because it “has absolutely no moral leadership.”

Channel 9, eyewitness news in Charlotte, also reported that Pat McCrory is finding a lot of support in the community.

Pat McCrory is not the only Charlotte politician to defy the NAACP. Local Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James has bucked political correctness and refused to back down to the NAACP as well as the Homosexual lobby on multiple occasions. Despite a hostile press that is always attacking James and on some instances saying his career is over, he keeps winning with a larger percentage of the vote all the time. James’ average vote percentage in his last three general elections is 70%!

Bill James