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Conservative activists attacked at Secure Borders Rally in New Jersey. News Team

Breaking News Story

There is a breaking news story from Morristown, NJ that has been sent to us by a reader. Members of the Pro-American Society, the Minutemen, and other groups held a rally today (Saturday, July 28) in support of a secure border and lawful immigration enforcement. Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello was the headlining speaker. The rally was called as a response to the Hazelton, PA immigration law being struck down by a left wing judge.

As two of the participants were leaving, a male and female, their vehicle was attacked. The victims were pulled from their car and beaten and the vehicle was smashed and looted. Members of a violent Marxist gang, known as the ARA, had shown up at the demonstration to scream profanities and may have been involved in the attack.

This is not the first time that violent white Marxists and/or pro-illegal alien Hispanics have attacked conservatives at public demonstrations. It has primarily happened in Southern California in the past. Far left organizations, such as the SPLC, constantly say that conservative secure border activists will promote anti-immigrant violence with their “rhetoric.” However, every instance of violence has been perpetrated against conservatives, not by them. The propaganda of the SPLC is transparently disingenuous. The SPLC aggressively supports 3rd world immigration into the United States to swing the nation to the far left by adding millions of left-wing pro-socialist voters to the electorate.

The far left wing is aggressively anti-free speech and routinely uses violence and public mayhem to silence conservatives on immigration issues.

The New Teams is also being told that four members of the ARA were recently arrested on July 23rd in Philadelphia for smashing the windows of an SUV registered to the FBI and being driven by a Philadelphia police officer. Three or four ARA members were arrested. If ARA members were involved, that would mean the violent gang committed two attacks within the same week, within close proximity to each other. Left wing gang members are notorious for getting leniency by the courts. An ARA member was recently ordered to pay a fine in St. Louis, MO for attacking a conservative activist with a hockey stick while wearing a mask. An attack that should have netted him serious jail time. reported a few months ago that a similar left-wing Marxist youth gang known as FSU murdered a returning Iraq War veteran at a punk rock concert.

Note: ARA stands for “Anti-Racist Action,” and is currently most active in a few large cities in the Northeast and two or three large cities in Canada. The organization seemed to have a large following among white inner city drug addicts in the Midwestern US during the late 90’s. The News Team searched dozens of links for ARA websites and most were deleted, while a few others still existed by haven’t been updated in years. The only active ARA website we could find was the NJ website, which is the state were the attack occurred. While Left wing youth gangs appear to be dying out in the United States, what is left of them are becoming increasingly shrill and violent.

FSU stands for “F@#$ S@#$ Up,” and is active in New York City, Boston, and major cities in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, police have cracked down on FSU and members of the gang are banned from many concert venues.