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Fort Bragg Soldier charged with sex crime and spreading HIV. News Team

Johnny Lamar Dalton, a 25 year old black male who is a soldier at Fort Bragg was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and crimes against nature. Dalton met a 17 year old boy online for homosexual sex and gave the boy HIV.


Last November, Dalton signed a written order agreeing to not have unprotected sex and to notify a partner before he did, a spokesperson for the 82nd Airborn Division told

His encounters with the boy continued despite the order and despite his having a wife and children. In February, doctors conducting routine blood tests reportedly found that the otherwise healthy teen was HIV positive.

The boy, now 18, and his mother went to Fort Bragg military police and then to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

“My son received it [HIV] unwillingly,” the teen’s mother told “If you willingly and knowingly … and you purposefully do something, you should suffer the consequences.”

Both the boy’s mother and military investigators told they are worried that Dalton might have infected other people who have not come forward. The mother has said she thinks that the Army should have better control over soldiers known to be infected with HIV or AIDS.

Dalton is a member of the 22nd Aviation Support Battalion and is not allowed to deploy because of the virus.