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Gang violence in Kalamazoo, MI

CofCC News Team

Kalamazoo City Manager pleads for public support for the police to stop black gangs in the city. Finally some sanity from a public official.

Recently 15 homeless white men were beaten by black gangs in Kalamazoo within a three month period. Rival black gang members have also attacked and murdered each other. City officials and the local media are so afraid of being called “racist,” that no one wants to talk about it. Now the city manager is publicly warning the public that black gangs are on the brink of full scale gang war, unless residents stand up to accusations of “racial profiling” by professional race hustlers.

From the Kalamazoo Gazette…

City officials acknowledged that renewed efforts to get guns off Kalamazoo’s streets and curb youth violence will sharpen the focus on balancing safety and civil liberties, including claims of racial profiling.

“Officers have to be looking for guns, and that will cause some people to believe we are racially profiling,” Weston told commissioners. “They’ll raise questions about minor-violation stops and asking to search a car.

“We need your support and understanding,” Weston said. “We don’t want to stand and see and smell another death. It rips your guts out to see these young kids shot up.”