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Last grocery stores leaving Detroit. News Team

Detroit is about to lose it’s last two major-chain big box grocery stores. In a city who’s population could support 41 major grocery stores, the last two are going out of business. Shoplifting at Detroit grocery stores, which greatly exceeds profit margins, along with the high cost of having extra security guards has caused grocery stores to pack up and leave. Grocery store chains also site human resources problems. They can’t find employees who can pass drug tests. Shopping carts disappear constantly costing the stores a fortune.

Oh yeah, and locals say it’s because of “racism.” yawn.

From the Detroit Metro…

Net profits at supermarkets run 1-5 percent of revenue. If shoplifting by customers and employees runs 7-8 percent, the store is doomed to lose money.

High cost of maintaining security for the stores, something most suburban locations don’t need. Shopping carts often disappear, at a cost of $300 per cart.

Personal safety for employees, with robberies, thefts and assaults both inside and outside the stores.

Detroit is approximately 84% Black, 5% Hispanic, 11% Asian/White/Middle Eastern.