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Hate crime against teacher. News Teams

A High School teacher is savagely attacked by two black male students. The students had been expelled once and allowed to come back. They were in the process of being expelled again. Now they are behind bars.

From ABC News…

The confrontation was caught on videotape. School officials were able to use the tape to immediately identify the students.

17-year-old Donte Boykin was taken to Northwest Detectives in handcuffs on Friday evening, shortly after arresting the 14-year-old.

Both students have a checkered past. They were both previously expelled, but they were allowed to return to school after a year. School officials say the kids were in the process of being expelled again when they assaulted Burd.

They are behind bars in the process of being slapped with serious charges. They will be charged as adults.

Burd, a popular math and photography teacher, is recovering in intensive care at Einstein Medical Center. He remains in critical but stable condition. He is expected to have surgery on Monday.