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Racial tensions in San Francisco. News Team

Left wing San Francisco can’t even make multiculturalism work.

Racial tensions flair in the homosexual-dominated San Francisco Castro district after multiple black on white homosexual gang rapes. Locals claim that the attacks are being downplayed since the perpetrators are black and the victims are male. Blacks accuse the white homosexuals of racism (yawn) and whites who form a neighborhood watch are demonized.

From LA Times…

Mark Welsh chokes up as he describes his rape last fall and the word his two assailants kept repeating.

“They kept saying ‘faggot’ over and over again,” whispers the 51-year-old owner of a video store in the Castro district. “It went on for what seemed like forever.”

But because both Welsh and another rape victim say their assailants were black, news of their attacks has heightened tensions in a community that for years has been accused of racial exclusion.

Still, many African Americans say they’re made to feel unwelcome in the Castro. “There’s an unspoken language, whether you’re a black man or woman, that there’s no space for you here,” said Lisa Williams, a local activist who is black.

“When you go to a bar, you get the feeling that the prices are being adjusted,” she said. “It takes forever to get served, and the wait staff watches you like a hawk.”

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