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"I had to kill the cracker."

Racially motivated murder in Orange County Florida.

Jamaican born violent felon wins $10,000 in the lottery and celebrates by killing his white boss. Goes to strip club after committing murder. Tells police “I had to kill the cracker.”

From Orlando-Sentinel…

First arrested at 14 on burglary and cocaine charges, the Jamaican-born Smith spent his teenage years in a series of state juvenile-justice facilities, state attorney records show.

Convicted at least three times of attacking juvenile-justice workers, Smith was ordered held in secure detention for five years or until he turned 21 in 2005, records show.

Smith’s adult record began in 2004 when a co-worker at Gator Tree accused Smith of stomping him and threatening to slash his throat over a $100 debt, court records show.

“Quit crying and die like a man,” the accuser quoted Smith as saying, according to the arrest report. “You’re going to die.”

Aggravated-assault and aggravated-battery charges against Smith were dropped when the man disappeared and did not testify, court records show.

The same thing almost happened again in 2005, when Smith was charged with ramming his stepsister headfirst through a window and cutting her with a butcher knife.

His stepsister refused to cooperate with deputies, but a neighbor slashed during the fight testified, court records show. Smith was convicted of battery and sentenced to 121 days in the county jail.