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Illegal Aliens preying on children.

Over 6,000 “foreign nationals” known to be sexual predators have been arrested by Homeland Security as part of Operation Predator. Arizona, California, Florida, and Illinois lead the country in arrests.

From Conservative Voice…

“We are seeing an alarming number of illegal aliens with criminal records for everything from homicides to rapes of children as young as three years of age,” states former NYPD Detective Sid Francis, who investigated sex crimes in New York City.

Research in the area of child pedators is disturbing and, at times, out and out shocking. Det. Francis studied arrest reports involving criminal aliens who committed child sex crimes including Julio Cesar Rabago-Magana, a Mexican man who sexually assaulted a four-year-old child in a basement in Minneapolis, Minn. Rabago-Magana pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct. After serving his criminal sentence, he was arrested by Immigration agents at his St. Paul home and deported six days later.

“The illegal immigration problem is allowing hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens to invade our nation and kill, maim, rob and abuse our citizens, ” warns the one of the vice presidents of the 14,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police. Research revealed that in one 9-month period the federal government arrested over 100,000 criminal aliens. These arrests do not include arrests made by state and local law enforcement.

Det. Francis adds that our political leaders and the mainstream news media practically ignore this issue and pro-llegal immigration advocates resort to name-calling to silence anyone who attempts to sound the alarm.