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Incendiary column in New York Times. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

The New York Times Magazine Edition ran a column which states that whites who emulate blacks are “cool,” while whites who do not are “nerds.” The columnist then states that white youth culture is a “culture based on theft” and a “culture not worth having.” He goes on to say that “nerds” do not partake in the “white privileged” of being able to steal black culture.

The columnist says language separates “cool” whites from “nerdy” whites. “Cool” white youth emulate the broken English of ganster rappers, while “nerds” speak proper English and exhibit “conspicuous intellectualism.”

The columnist ends by complaining that white “nerds” don’t have any black friends. Arguing that blacks look down on intellectualism so there are few black “nerds” available to befriend white “nerds.”

The columnists says that “nerdiness” is the same as “hyperwhiteness.” Some people don’t think this is a bad thing. The recent song “white & nerdy,” of by Weird Al Yankovich was a surprise hit that made the billboard top ten singles. Watch Video.

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