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Knoxville media and hate crimes.

fake white News Team

A while back, reported that three young adults broke into the home of Knox County couple and sexually abused a woman before robbing the house. This case was of interest to because it was in the same county as the horrific rape/torture/murders of Christian & Newson. The News Team reported that details of the case seemed like a hate crime.

Now information on the three suspects in custody has been released. Three black males aged 17, 17, and 18. NBC Knoxville reported the story on July 4th, but did not mention the race of the suspects. However, they showed a cartoon character of a white guy breaking into a house.

Recently reported that the LA Times publicly admitted on their website that they omit the race of the perpetrator in crime stories. The LA Times website stated that they didn’t want to unfairly “stigmatize” any one group. For years has been showing examples of this in other media across the nation.

This example goes even further. They omitted the race of the black suspects, but showed a cartoon drawing of a white guy.