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Leftists blame protesters for ruining pro-illegal alien meeting. News Team

A meeting at a public library held to legitimate illegal aliens in Framingham, Massachusetts, which members of the New England CofCC protested, was poorly attended. Organizers blame protesters for scaring away illegal aliens who might have attended. (Emphasis on the word “might.”)

From Metrowest Daily News…

Organizers say anti-illegal immigration protesters at a library program to promote safety for Brazilian workers may have driven possible participants away from the lecture yesterday.

Library director Mark Contois noted the protesters had a right to be there, but said the program was intended to help the community.

“It’s unfortunate (the protest) may have discouraged attendance at the program,” said Contois.

About nine protesters against illegal immigration stood at the town library’s Lexington Street entrance bearing signs, a U.S. flag and a video camera.