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Major media breakthrough on diversity myths.

Newhouse News Service has joined New York Times in questioning the value of diversity. An article similar to the New York Times article on Robert Putnam’s study on the negative effects of diversity was printed in the Springfield (MA) Republican, Sacramento (CA) Bee, and other city papers.

The Newhouse News article states that while Americans repeat the mantra “diversity is our strength,” it is more out of ritual than actual belief.

The study on diversity by Robert Putnam and is subsequent coverage by major newspapers is extremely important in the fight for sanity in academia. The News Team believes the American public desires as well as desperately needs frank and candid discussions on the negative effects of multiculturalism and racial diversity. Isn’t it about time we stop censoring public discussion?

The UK Telegraph is also reporting on the study in England. Illana Mercer, also covers the story on WorldNetDaily.

From Newhouse News Service…

Diversity is strength.

That sentiment has emerged in recent years as an article of faith in American public life.

But research suggests that faith in diversity is being sorely tested. New studies confirm earlier evidence that, at least in the short- to mid-term, diversity weakens civic ties, fostering mutual mistrust and detachment. Beneath all the “happy talk” about diversity, many Americans harbor a deep ambivalence about where it will lead.