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Mexico's "Narco Wars."

Mexico’s war between security forces and drug cartels claims five lives per day. 1,000 have died so far in 2007.

From BBC…

Take the figure of 1,000 dead dominating the headlines here.

It is not a figure about road accidents or fatal diseases. These are deaths in what are being called the “narco wars” – the fight between the country’s drug cartels and the security forces.

The killing rate runs at five a day – and the combined forces of the army, federal police and local police do not seem able to stop it.

A shoot-out in the northern state of Sonora in May left 22 dead, including five officers.

“We were shocked”, says Jose Larrinaga from the police in Sonora.

“We heard that a convoy of 40 to 50 cartel members were moving across the state. So we sent 200 of our own men to confront them.”

The very audacity of cartel members moving round the country in military-like formation is itself chilling. It’s also a reminder of how far out of control they have become.