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Mississippi Victory and Media Hypocrisy

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Irony is quite the interesting thing to witness. In Noxubee County, Mississippi the black Democratic Party chairman Ike Brown has been found in violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Apparently Mr. Brown and his black compatriots didn’t hear that the Voting Rights Act was about equality and that they were supposed to be treating everyone else as they would want to be treated.

Mr. Brown was engaged, along with the local Democratic Party, in denying the white citizens of Noxubee County the right to vote. We had thought that such practices had ended with the Deconstruction Era from 1865-1876. I suppose we were wrong. While it is good to see that the judge didn’t rule according to the politically correct line, that is not the point.

It is also sad when the federal government has to become involved in a states affairs. If the federal government had minded it’s own business instead of sending troops to occupy Oxford, MS and Little Rock, AR this situation might have never happened. The point is that the predictions of our compatriots from South Africa have been proved true. Noxubee County is 70% black and the white population is less then 30%. Just as we were warned, when they take control the democratic process becomes mere window dressing for the assertion of power by blacks over whites. We saw this also in New Orleans when we have a corrupt mayor, a corrupt police force, and a city system that can’t provide the basic services a government is supposed to provide.

While it is good to see that Mr. Brown and CO. have been stymied, I believe similar stories will be coming out of the Southwest as our Mestizo neighbors become more numerous and politically assertive.

On another note the media is once again highlighting a story to fit their multicultural agenda. The Houston Chronicle is highlighting the story of Latino boy who was apparently assaulted by “white supremacists” and later committed suicide. Where in the world were they in Knoxville, TN?! Where was the media for the Long Beach, CA assaults?! Oh I forgot, they were cheerleading and covering up for the defendents.

It is inexplicable that when good law abiding white children are brutally murdered by minorities that the media sees fit to cover it up but highlight the suicide of this Latino from Houston. Such is what we’ve become accustomed to in this country. It’s hard to find the truth in this world, but we know where we can. It’s here with the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, the Citizen’s Informer, and the growing sensation of the Political Cesspool. The truth is getting out and America is awakening to the nightmare that the legacy of the 1960’s has brought us.