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Morristown Rally News Team


Pictures from Morristown, NJ. This is a follow up to the story below this.

About 200 conservatives rallied in Morristown, NJ to protest the Federal governments refusal to enforce immigration law. Mayor Donald Cresitello, was the headlining speaker.

Police were tipped off that violent Marxist youth gangs would be among counter protesters coming to the rally and deployed the County’s rapid response team in riot gear. About 125 counter protesters arrived, many wearing masks. One group waved red flags and communist themed signs.

According to the Morris County Daily Record, five of the counter protesters were arrested and dozens were ticketed for disorderly conduct. All of them from the counter protester side. After the event ended a couple who was leaving was pulled from their vehicle and beaten. Please see related story below. We all know full well that if conservative activists pulled a man and women out of their car and beat them in the street it would be on CNN almost immediate. So far no media anywhere has reported this. In fact the left wing New Jersey Star Ledger has already report that there were no “no major disturbances.” Most people would consider 5 arrests, dozens ticketed, and a couple pulled from the car and beaten in the street as a pretty major disturbance.