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Nation Shocked by Black Culture in Wichita.

wichita News Team

Many of you remember the notorious “Wichita Horror,” in which two black brothers horrifically raped, tortured, and murdered three young whites (a fourth survived with severe injuries) in Wichita, Kansas in 2000. The Citizens Informer reported on this story extensively back when it happened. The story terrified Wichita residents who purchased handguns and home security systems in record numbers when details of the crimes were released.

Now the country is looking at Wichita again with shock. At a crowded convenient store in Wichita, a woman stabbed another woman in the neck. As the stabbing victim lay on the floor dying, security cameras recorded the other patrons stepping over her body and continuing to shop. One person even took out a cell phone to take pictures of the dying victim, but did not even call 911. It took a full two minutes for someone to call 911 and the victim died at the hospital. The victim, the perpetrator, and the other patrons at the store appear to have all been African Americans.

The story has received national attention on Fox News, who shied away from discussing the racial aspect of this story. The story has even made the papers in Australia and Canada. Does the “stop snitching” mantra of the black community include rendering aid to victims as well?