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Psychology and White Ethnocentrism.

Review by Kyle Rogers

Occidental Quarterly magazine has published a brilliant essay on white ethnocentrism. One of the interesting issues raised is how whites respond to implicit and explicit tests of their racial bias. Most whites have a gap in their performance on explicit tests and implicit tests of racial bias. In explicit tests, people answer a questionnaire or an interviewer about their views on race and multiculturalism. For the implicit part, the test subjects performs a variety of psychological tests to determine their subconscious feelings on race. In some instances MRI technology has been used to view a persons’ reaction in their brain to photos of people of different races.

The results of these studies are that most white Americans have a gap in what they claim to believe and what their psychological tests show they believe. The largest gap occurs in whites who identify themselves as”liberals.” Other studies show that white “liberals” who profess the strongest dedication to multiculturalism are the same ones who are most likely to send their children to private schools which are almost all white as opposed to racially mixed neighborhood schools

The “liberals” are by far the most hypocritical on race. Just as they have a large gap in their test results, they demonstrate a large gap in explicit and implicit behavior concerning race in real life.

While the majority of white people have some level of inherit preference for their own race, they are constantly suppressing it in their day to day activities. However when it comes to were to live, who to go to the bar with, where to send your children, or even what sport to watch on tv, white ethnocentrism manifests in an implicit way.

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