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Refused to be victim of a hate crime.

Norman“I dislike the law [castle doctrine] because it encourages people to stand their ground.” – Florida State Attorney General Krischer. [Had Norman Borden (pictured on right) not stood his ground like Krischer wants, he would very likely be dead. Krischer is a liberal from New York City who acts like he’d rather see innocent people murdered by thugs. – News Team]

Four Hispanic males, members of the notorious MS-13 drug gang, were drunk and hunting for a white man to attack. They set their sites on Norman Borden, but he refused to be a victim.

As we reported earlier, he was held in jail for eight months, his four dogs were euthanized, and Hispanic gang members burned his house down. Read more about the facts of the case.

Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer insults Norman Borden comparing his lawful self-defense actions to a “gangbanger.”